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You will find a very wide variety of translators on the market today working from English to French. They propose different quality, different prices, but also different specializations. I have chosen to compete only in the fields that I find most interesting, which means I am more confident with them and have a better understanding and a better knowledge of the subjects covered and the type of documents.

European Union : Since 2008, I have gained experience first as a trainee at the European Parliament, then working freelance for the institutions. I have now got a good knowledge of the specific language and on-line resources, the situation in the Union, the subjects treated and the different types of documents.



Environment: ecofriendly products for individuals, businesses and industry, technics related to green energies and sustainability, or scientific documents (my master's thesis was about bioremediation, biochemistry and the environment)

Disabilities, psychology and education : for personal reasons, I am doing a lot of research in this field, which needs to be translated into French far more: I would be delighted to help distressed parents find information more easily.



I have the qualification of a sworn translator recognized by the local Court, and can translate official documents required by administrative services.

In the pair English>French, I don't translate marketing document (except for ecofriendly products), the financial/economic field or software localization.

In Italian>French and Polish>French, I am ready to cover more areas, as the choice of translators is reduced and I will do everything necessary to do the job properly.